TotocyLED™ Astro Projector, Nebula Projector

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Astro Projector, Nebula Projector

Immerse Yourself In The Galaxy

Explore The Nebula From Your Room

Cute And Compact Design

What’s Included?

– 1x TotocyLED™ Astro Projector

– 1x User Manual

– 1x USB Cable

– 1x Remote

23 reviews for TotocyLED™ Astro Projector, Nebula Projector

  1. Vicki Ferry

    I saw this on Facebook and knew I had to buy it for my four month old. He is absolutely fascinated by the bright lights, colors and movement. The remote makes it easy to adjust the appearance, movement and speed and even stop the nebula movement for less stimulation. Anytime he is fussy during a nap and I cannot take him out yet, I will turn this on and it keeps him occupied for at least 15 minutes if need be. Best purchase I’ve made for him

    Image #1 from Vicki Ferry
  2. Lowell McGlynn Sr.

    This is the most amazing little part of my world. It sets the mood for my chill environment for my peaceful escape from the real world.

    Image #1 from Lowell McGlynn Sr.
  3. Gilbert Monahan

    This product is soooooo cool. My daughter loves it. just got it, set up was and she won’t turn it off. the little astronaut great and It lights up the room amazingly. great gift, I will be ordering more as christmas gifts. love it soo much.

    Image #1 from Gilbert Monahan
  4. Max Moore

    Bought for my 6 year old , it lights up his room so cool , he loves it !

    Image #1 from Max Moore
  5. Edgar Hermiston

    I love it! A buddy had one of these in his studio and I thought it was very cool…so I bought one for my studio. There’s plenty of control parameters so you can dial in the colors and movement that bring the vibe you desire. The remote works well. Buy it and get your vibe on!

    Image #1 from Edgar Hermiston
  6. Raymond Heidenreich

    My kids love this projector! They used to need the TV on to fall asleep and now we just shut the tv and plug in our little astronaut and turn him on and the kids quiet down and fall fast to sleep.

    Image #1 from Raymond Heidenreich
  7. Terrell Nienow

    It’s beautiful! Just received it for an Xmas present and tested it out in my room before I give it to my daughter for Christmas, I just another also since I tested it out first for my other daughter. I hope it last long! So pretty!

    Image #1 from Terrell Nienow
  8. Mrs. Clay Ruecker

    Wonderful wonderful product….. My son is really happy 🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Image #1 from Mrs. Clay Ruecker
  9. Allison Zieme

    Wow! Projectors and night lights have come a long way. This little astronaut is packing with super bright and beautiful led lights and colors. It has an off and off switch for the star part leaving only the nebula part. You can also choose the color of the nebula. I haven’t been able to figure out if I can only leave the star part which itself is also very beautiful. Mesmerizing to say the least and my son absolutely loves it. Personally I don’t think there is an age limit for this my husband even wants one now !

    Image #1 from Allison Zieme
  10. Calvin Hoeger

    Love it. It was smaller than I thought but boy is this thing powerful. Fast shipping too.

    Image #1 from Calvin Hoeger
  11. Lee Kerluke

    I loved the product, it is beautiful, I recommend it to those who like shine.

    Image #1 from Lee Kerluke
  12. Michele Mraz

    Arrived perfectly, its packaging, everything very well, the only thing that is not included are batteries or batteries to control everything well there. Really are beautiful the shapes and colors they project, they are very relaxing, the lasers have a great range. In summary very good quality and beautiful.

    Image #1 from Michele Mraz
  13. Jason Emard

    This is such a cute light projector. It makes our ceilings and walls so pretty. It looks just like a galaxy. And this would f be perfect for either boys or girls.

    Image #1 from Jason Emard
  14. Salvatore Dietrich

    This is a cool little projector that shows an enchanting galaxy on the ceiling/walls. There are settings to change the nebula colors and turn on/off the green stars. It works great in a small room when it’s dark. I thought the projector was going to have a rechargeable battery via USB cable, but it actually needs to be plugged in to work. And while the power cord is USB, there isn’t a power adapter included. But I guess everyone has USB power adapters these days, so that’s not too big a deal.

    Image #1 from Salvatore Dietrich
  15. Milton Keeling

    Really fast delivery and the quality is exceptional… this has to be one of the best purchases I’ve made on Facebook… I love it !! Buy with confidence and is definitely recommended… thank you 🙏

    Image #1 from Milton Keeling
  16. Troy Hamill

    Amazing projector! I got this for my daughter and she loves it! it helps her fall asleep

    Image #1 from Troy Hamill
    Image #2 from Troy Hamill
  17. Craig Hamill

    I love how it covers most of the room I am going to have to get everyone one….

    Image #1 from Craig Hamill
  18. Joseph Bartell

    This is such a great gift for any age! We had a lot of fun setting this up for a sleep over. Lots of options to customize it.

    Image #1 from Joseph Bartell
    Image #2 from Joseph Bartell
  19. Rosalind Taton

    Thank you very much

    Image #1 from Rosalind Taton
  20. Ms. Alicia Rodriguez

    Nice product. Head is magnetic, so easily swivels to different angles. No plug but has usb that will go into any charging block. Very relaxing and mellow. Shipping was fast. Came from US

    Image #1 from Ms. Alicia Rodriguez
    Image #2 from Ms. Alicia Rodriguez
    Image #3 from Ms. Alicia Rodriguez
  21. Lawrence Donnelly

    Great product! Got it delivered today and couldn’t wait to open it. My son loves it!! A lot more coverage than I expected. Beautiful vibrant colors. Has a remote control but we haven’t put the batteries in yet for it

    Image #1 from Lawrence Donnelly
  22. Alexis Beatty

    The projector is an astronaut whose head is separate from the body and attaches via magnets, allowing you to rotate it to point the galaxy in different areas without moving the whole thing. It’s a nice design and fun for my son to play with.

    Image #1 from Alexis Beatty
  23. Tommy Turner

    I seen this on Facebook and had to get it…NO REGRETS! very pleased with this projector and it goes great with led lights. Highly recommend to anyone who likes a cool room

    Image #1 from Tommy Turner
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TotocyLED™ Astro Projector, Nebula Projector