Brighten up any space with vivid & dynamic colors.

Set the tone with a soothing atmosphere for movie night, or impressive and photo-worthy looks for your next party! The wide selection of colors and modes make sure that there is a light for every mood and occasion. Your nightly routine just got a little better.

TotocyLEDAstro Projector

Transform your room into a colorful cosmos with the TotocyLED™ Astro Projector! With tons of colors and patterns to choose from, the astro projector is perfect for any mood!

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TotocyLED™ Dream Lights

Transform your room into a colorful rainbow with the new TotocyLED™ Dream Lights! With over 10,000+ colors to choose from on the app, these lights are unlike normal LEDs. They can be controlled directly from your phone and you can also control them with sound! The possibilities are endless!

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TotocyLED™ Mini Spotlight Projector

Turn any surface into an HD TV with the TotocyLED™ Mini Spotlight Projector! Our projectors are 4K capable and has an output of 1280*720p. Stop wasting hundreds of dollars on normal TVs and get the TotocyLED™ Mini Spotlight Projector today!

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